The Perfect Instant Mani - Why I NEED Press On Nails

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I would have never imagined that Ekposé Beauty would offer our Instant Mani, a modern twist on press on nails. Before COVID-19, I hadn’t tried press on nails since I was a kid. Press on nails were not on my radar. But as we see, things can change in the blink of an eye.


At a time when we don’t have access to the things and places that help to make us feel our best, we can feel out of sorts. Small things help to create a sense of normalcy. Small things can help us feel like ourselves. As 
silly as it may sound, when I looked at my nails, I didn’t feel like myself. Something so small was a huge reminder that my world had been turned upside down. That small thing, not having my usual manicure, signified something a lot bigger. Looking at my nails was a constant reminder, and visual cue, that things were not normal. I know I won’t feel comfortable in large gatherings, or comfortable close to other close to people for a long time. I had to have an alternative to a crowded nail salon.







French Kiss Ekpose Beauty Instant Mani Luxury Press On Nails

 Adding press on nails to the Ekposé Beauty product line was something that my heart and my spirit led me to do. It was a major departure from what I had envisioned. I had some apprehensions, and some concerns. Despite that, it was important to me to create a solution for women who were feeling the same way that I felt.  Now, I actually prefer the Instant Mani over my typical dip manicure. 

Ekpose Ekposé Beauty Burgundy Brilliance Instant Mani Luxury Press On NailsLooking like myself and keeping my routines, like my beauty routine that includes a mani, helped me feel “normal” and  “regular.” And as we adjust to our new normal, regularity and routine feels assuring and comforting. It helps me a lot. At this point, it’s not vanity. As odd as it may seem, it represents consistency and stability. I hope that something small, like an instant mani, helps you too. ❤️

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