Crystal Clear 6 pc Brush Set

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This Crystal Clear Brush Set is clearly essential. This set includes 6 ultra soft dual fiber brushes that can be used a variety of ways. The Crystal Clear brush set has sleek clear handles for a clean modern glam look. 

These brushes are so soft that they apply makeup as if they’re gently caressing your face. The Crystal Clear brushes are multi-tasking powerhouses. Each brush can serve multiple purposes. 

•Soft synthetic cruelty free fibers

•Vegan friendly

•Use the Crystal Clear eye brushes to create a complete eye look with The Beautiful Ones Palette.

The Brushes

1. The Everything Eye: this versatile eye blender/shader brush is a powerhouse that diffuses and softens pigments. This brush can be used to deposit and blend color in the crease to define the eyes. This brush can also be used as a shader to sweep color across the lid. 

2. Complexion Diffuser/Sculpting Brush: this brush can be used to gently diffuse complexion creams and powders. Use to diffuse your blush, contour, or highlight to avoid harsh lines. It can also be used as a contour brush to sculpt defined cheekbones. 

3. Tapered Powder Brush: The tapered head of this powder brush makes it suitable for use with powders that need a precise placement. The tapered bristles fit neatly into the undereye to place setting powder, it can be used as a blush brush or for powder over the entire face. 

4. Highlighter/Grande Eye Blending Brush: Seamlessly blend and diffuse your highlight. This brush can also be used to blend and diffuse a wash of pigment in the crease. 

5. Liner/Eye Contour Brush: the tapered bristles easily lay down smoothly for a perfect application. Perfect to use for powders along the water line. This brush can also be used to contour your lid and detail the crease.

6. Eye diffuser/spot concealer: this brush has an angled firm brush head that can be used to place highlight along the brow bone with one edge and to diffuse it with the long edge. The angled head can also be used to spot conceal blemishes with precision.