Champagne Wishes: Elegant Eye

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Champagne Wishes 6 piece eye set includes a variety of vegan brushes that will create a complete eye look. 

1. Concealer brush: create a cut crease, or clean up your eyebrows. Apply cream colors, pigments, and eye primers. 

2. Blending Brush: for the perfect seamless blend 

3. Shader: eyeshadow brush for lid

4. Large Shader: Firm enough to quickly and easily sweep color across your entire lid. Fluffy enough to apply and blend shadows in the crease. 

5. Small Precision Shader/Inner Corner Brush: Use this brush for controlled application of color onto precise areas of the lid. Use the tip to highlight the inner corner of the eye. This versatile  brush can also be used with the Beauty is Her Name Lip Rouge to precisely outline your lips and create contoured bold kissable lips. 

6. Liner Brush: Accentuate your eyes with perfect precision line or fill in your eyebrows. 

Use The Beautiful Ones eyeshadow palette and the Champagne Wishes Eye Set to create a stunning eye look  

Select the perfect lash to complete your expertly blended eye look.